Handcrafted lighting artworks made in Italy

120 years of history have led us to a creative process that perfectly intersects between Italian tradition and advanced engineering.

As outcome of this process, our product ranges represent the best of both worlds.

Banci Classic Product Banci Classic Product
Banci Contemporary Product Banci Contemporary Product

Banci's catalogue archive

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La Tradizione
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La Metamorfosi
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La Naturalezza
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The Brand

During last 120 years, Banci pursued the vision to change and influence people’s hearts and spirits, creating lamps and luxurious interior design items which poured beauty into everyday life. Our creations always matched our artisans’ meticulous pursuit of innovation in the lighting design field. We carved dreams out of precious materials and stones; through our offspring we tamed and conveyed light as it hit different surfaces and interacted with them in perfect harmony. We studied the shapes and forms that somehow repeat themselves in nature, geometry and architecture and that represent undisputed canons of pure beauty.

A new renaissance

Our production has recently drastically surged ahead, as our research and development team has finally had access to all the technological discoveries our world is going through, in this New Renaissance we are lucky and honoured to be living. Now, 120 years since our foundation, we feel that we are truly realizing our founder’s dream: what we are doing now is something that transcends lighting design, it is its evolution. We call it “light engineering”, whereas our artisans work alongside our engineers to take advantage of the new technologies and extreme precision techniques we delve deep into.